Pixel Scientific retail digital displays bring retail stores to life. Digital displays allow you to engage your customer through their entire shopping journey. Catch their eye with a digital endcaps, catwalks, and keep them coming back with prompts to sign up for your customer loyalty program. Beyond wowing customers, your team will save tons of time updating signage. From one platform you'll be able to do it all!

All our display systems are available as touchscreen and an array of optical enhancements including:

  • Sunlight readable - high ambient light coatings

Pixel Scientific’s digital signage can be ordered in any quantity—standard or custom-sized.

Retail Digital Signage

Examples of our retail displays. Contact sales to start a custom order.

Digital Endcap Displays

Shelf Edge Displays

Header Displays

Touch Screen Kiosks Displays

Retail Wayfinding


Window Digital Signage

Menu Boards

Point of Sale and Order Confirmation Displays

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