Pixel Scientific™, Inc. was founded in 1999 as TED and was renamed Pixel Scientific in 2016 under new leadership. We provide custom displays, including custom-sized displays, for numerous markets. These markets include: aerospace, industrial, medical and the rapidly growing need for large custom sizes in the Digital Signage industry. We provide comprehensive solutions, from unpackaged, open-cell displays to full, smart-display systems with wirelessly-connected, embedded computers and all points between including the demanding applications such as certified flight-deck displays. In addition to these mainstream products, Pixel Scientific provides prototyping for early-stage concepts in consumer electronics, concept cars, aerospace and other industries.

LCDs are manufactured in highly automated, billion-dollar factories in very high volume and in limited sizes for mass-market applications and consumer electronics such as televisions, smart phones, and computers. It is not cost-effective to make small runs of unique sizes because of the capitalization, tooling and setup costs, but it is cost-effective to excise a smaller display from a mass-produced donor panel design.

We have licensed our technology (underpinned by a large and evolving international patent portfolio) to a select set of qualified companies worldwide, in various markets, to enable a custom-sized display industry. Collectively, we bring the scale that benefits large-scale applications to the other great display applications that need all the same technological intricacy, but in volumes where OEM display sourcing is simply out of reach.

We bridge the divide between mass-production requirements and lower-volume needs of custom-sized applications.