July 4, 2001, Presentation to the Press (Historical)

July 4, 2001, Presentation to the Press (Historical)

Ladies and gentlemen of the press:

A revolution has occurred in Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Displays! Now for the first time, resized commercial-off-the-shelf liquid crystal displays (COTS LCDs) are adequate, qualified, required and available for avionics and other applications requiring custom sizes. Several key papers were given at the SPIE AeroSense meeting (18 & 19 April 2001, Orlando, FL.)

The papers were in Conference 4362, Cockpit Display VIII, chaired by Darrel Hopper, Air Force Research Lab.

  1. Major D. D. Desjardins, AFWP/AFRL, gave a paper summarizing a need for updating Air Force cockpits, showing a need for many hundreds of sizes for many thousands of units, with no identified source.
  2. Mr. D. Hogg, BAE Systems (UK) gave a paper stating that BAE Systems is setting up product for remanufactured AMLCDs and that they have an order for a 4-inch by 4-inch display for an aircraft and for 94 units of another size. They expect issuance of a patent.
  3. Steve Hoener, Boeing Co. gave a paper, SPIE 43-62 Paper 14, stating that they have tested a BAE Systems (UK) remanufactured AMLCD and that it passed preliminary environmental tests for aircraft and that, in their opinion, they may be suitable for avionics.
  4. L. Tannas, Tannas Electronic Displays, Inc., gave a paper describing his patented process and offering samples of resized COTS AMLCDs or a license to the process. Tannas holds a U.S. patent to the process of resizing COTS AMLCDs, trade marked “Tannas-Sized™” LCD.

At the time of the SPIE meeting, it was the only issued patent for resizing displays world wide. All of these papers show that COTS LCDs, for custom displays, developed by two independent companies on two different continents will work.

Boeing, an independent third party, has determined that resized COTS LCDs can be made to pass the “pressure cooker test” a very rigorous environmental test and a precursor to formal qualification tests.

The first process patent, US 6,204,906 B1, March 20, 2001, has been issued to Lawrence E. Tannas, Jr., Orange, California. Tannas Electronic Displays, Inc. is selling resized COT LCD samples to all parties, and is offering a license to the process. Tannas is also selling turnkey tooling to licensees to make prototype displays.

Our Tannas Electronic Displays, Inc. booth at the San Jose, CA SID Conference, June 5 – 7, 2001.