Controller Kit 1400


This kit is used to interfact computer to resize LCD in DMI or VGA.

01 Controller* w/ LED status light {green-on / red-off}
02 Linfinity Inverter Power Cables ROHS
03 Inverter, NEC 84P W021-B
04 Panel Cable, LVDs
05 PP5/12C Power Input/160MM, 2.5MM Bulkhead Barrel Connector
06 Digital 10K Brightness SD Control Panel and Cables ROHS
07 Power Supply, (not shown; is available) 4 amp w/Power Cord, Kit 80100-3

* See for Controller ALR-1400 Manual

Fig. Example of Controller Kit 1400 with DVI and VGA PC inputs.
(Photo for reference; kits vary in appearance)

Controller Kit 1400 LT3  12/14/10