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Tannas Electronic Displays, Inc., Company Profile

Tannas Electronic Displays, Inc., (TED) was founded in 1999 by Lawrence E. Tannas, Jr., after OIS (Troy, N.Y.) closed and a lack of availability of LCDs sized for avionics.  After over ten years of study and research & development, LCDs were finally qualified for use in primary flight avionics.  Larry Tannas contributed to this activity with studies, technical papers, consulting, lectures and expert witness work.   Tannas observed, in 1993, that a cracked LCD glass could still be made to function.  It occurred to him that such a display could, therefore, be cut to a new size and resealed.  He reduced this to practice in his laboratory in 1998.   One of Larry’s consulting clients requested that he make a display for application to helicopter primary flight instruments—which he did in 1999.  At that time, he formed his company (TED), patented the process and offered to resize liquid crystal displays for industry at large and to license the technology.

David Stewart Watson (Edinburgh, Scotland) of Marconi Corporation, later acquired by BAE Systems, independently invented resizing and filed a patent in the UK.  Watson’s filing predated Tannas’ filing in the U. S.  This led to patent interference in the U. S.   In 2007, the interference matter was settled whereby BAE was granted the patent and TED was granted rights to use and sublicense BAE patents.

Tannas has since been made over 40 patent applications, including 19 patents awarded, which he now licenses worldwide.  TED manufactures and sells custom-size displays for the industry at large.  See  HYPERLINK “” for a list of patents and examples of resized LCD products made primarily for the aerospace industry.

TED prototype machinery can resize LCDs from 3” to 65” in diagonal for custom customer needs.  TED dominates the LCD resizing industry for avionics, industrial and digital signage as the only entity offering licenses world wide for resizing LCDs, a significant product enabler.