Pixel Scientific™, Inc. provides custom displays, both standard and custom-sized, into all markets. These spaces include aerospace, industrial, medical, transportation and the rapidly-growing digital signage industry. Our solutions cover the spectrum of display sizes and system integration levels from small panels to full smart-display systems. We manufacture to exacting tolerances including suitable for aerospace where our modules are used in both flight simulators and actual aircraft flight-decks with flight-certified custom displays. At the other end of the spectrum our display systems used for instance in train cars like at the Seattle and Atlanta airports with their self-contained, wirelessly-connected, embedded computers and audio systems. We provide hard to get, custom display solutions such as electronic shelf labels and transparent displays. In addition to mainstream products, Pixel Scientific has a business providing prototyping for early-stage concepts in consumer electronics, concept cars and other industries. In a word, Pixel Scientific is all things, well, pixels.


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